Our Story

The Farm on Brown Avenue is a family operation. We farm because it’s what we love to do as a family. Our belief is that nothing brings us closer together than working hard towards a common goal. Laura and I caught the agriculture bug several years ago, and began raising chickens in our backyard. Thanks to the generosity of our family and the help of our community, we’ve been able to transition from a few chickens to a small cattle farm and homestead.

Cattle were always the goal for us and once we moved to Easley, SC, we finally had access to a pasture big enough to have a few. We started out raising feeder cattle for market. In January of 2018, my Dad purchased the Farm on Brown Avenue and we began to transition into a cow-calf operation. My dad and mom came on board by buying several cows and we sold out of the feeder game and purchased our mama cows.

Our beef herd (we also have a jersey milk cow) consists of angus-cross cattle. Most of these cows are a Limousine Angus cross known as LimFlex. This cross was developed to provide the quality of angus beef with the superior muscling and growth of the Limousine. We are firm believers in hybrid vigor. We are very proud of these girls and it is our goal to eventually transition to an exclusively LimFlex herd. We are also proud of our bull selection. All cows will be bred to our purebred registered angus bull so that all calves sold will be at a minimum 3/4 Angus.

When you hear us talk about cattle, a few words will probably pop up.

The first one is “believe.” 

We believe in our mama cows, or they wouldn’t be in the herd. We believe in the decisions we’ve made in genetic selection. We believe in doing things the right way, and we’re not afraid of change.  We believe in the management decisions that we’ve made. We believe it is our job to provide you with the best quality beef possible at an affordable price.

The second is “love.”

We love cows, especially our cows, but we believe love is a word that is misused in our society. Love isn’t a feeling of excitement or passion. Love is a commitment and a continual decision. Love is acting on that commitment and doing our best. Love is pouring into something day after day.

We do our best to raise healthy cows. This means we don’t make a hard stand on a “antibiotic free” at the cost of an animal. For a lot of illnesses in cattle, antibiotics can not only save them from death, but also from suffering. We keep diligent records on all treatments given to animals, and we can provide a print-out of what medicines and vaccines have been given (with dates) to our customers. Most of our calves will never have an antibiotic administered and we follow all Beef Quality Assurance guidelines. We do not use implants or any other kind of hormone treatments.

We offer the option to finish on grass or grain. Our cows are fed on a primarily grass-fed diet for most of their lives, but they are given grain as an incentive to facilitate stress-free cattle handling. (We train our cows come when we call so we don’t have to stress them out.)


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