Beginning in Fall of 2020, we will have whole and half steers for sale. Steers will be priced around $3 per pound of hanging weight. We anticipate that the hanging weight of  steers will be in the area of 650-800 lbs depending on time of purchase. You would also pay the cost of processing the animal. Depending on which processor is used this would be in the range of $600 per whole.

We operate a staggered breeding season, meaning we should have calves ready

We may also have jersey-angus cross or Holstein steers available as soon as Summer of 2019. We purchase these from local dairies and bottle raise them or raise them on a nurse cow. Prices for these steers would be in the range of $1.50 per pound of hanging weight for holstein steers and 2.00 per pound of hanging weight for angus-jersey cross steers plus processing.

We are currently planning to hold back our female calves for breeding or sale as brood cows so all whole and half sales will be steers.

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